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Könyv címe: 3D World
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 augusztus
Formátum: pdf - (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalak száma: 100


If you have ever been watching a film and wondered where they go to shoot some of the amazing scenes, then you might be surprised to discover not all are shot on location. Ian Failes delves behind the scenes to uncover the secrets about how vast forests are created for the movies, from a look at projects right through to the tools the studios use, to generate the trees, forest layouts and interactions with other elements of a shot.

Humans in CG have long had their problems, as our eye immediately picks up on details that don?t quite hit the mark. Some artists have made inroads to solve these problems and Ian Spriggs is at the forefront of CG portraits. Our lead tutorial and cover image show you how Ian approaches his fantastic work.

Elsewhere in the issue we bring you training on everything from Maya to FumeFX, reviews of the latest new tools and upgrades, as well as case studies, insights and opinions from industry veterans.

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