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Könyv címe: Airfix Model World 2018 - 08.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 - 07.
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 100
(Issue 93)


Published monthly, Airfix Model World magazine is your complete guide to the world of
scale modelling, making it essential reading for modellers with all levels of experience.
Focusing on model aircraft, Airfix Model World also features cars, ships, sci-fi and space,
armour and figures. With latest news, reviews, handy step-by-step tips. Plus the chance to ?
Ask the Experts? to
improve your modelling skills.


06 News
The latest happenings in the world
of plastic modelling, including a
preview of Revell?s newly tooled 1/48
Beaufighter TF Mk.X.
12 Show Scene
Check out our handy at-a-glance
model show calendar.
74 Free Gift!
Subscribe to Airfix Model World
and claim your free 1/72 Tomahawk
Mk.IIB model kit or five-piece
diamond file set.
98 Archive
This month?s period photo features a
pristine pair of F-104 Starfighters in
close formation, as they pass over a
famous Californian structure.
14 Intermediate Build ? Stalin?s Little Donkey
Jen Wright builds ICM?s new 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 almost straight from
the box?and finds it a rewarding experience.
22 Intermediate Build ? Colin?s Legacy
Hasegawa?s 1/24 Subaru Legacy RS forms an ideal tribute to the late Colin
McRae in Ian Granger?s auto-modelling feature.
30 Out and About ? Home of Heroes
Assistant Editor Stu Fone visits Tangmere Sector Modellers? inaugural show.
32 Intermediate Build ? Radiant Lion Cub
Chris Jones discovers the delights of AMK?s new 1/72 IAI Kfir C2/C7.
40 Out and About ? Florida Flight Collection
Dave Oliver gets up close and personal with classic carrier aircraft types and
more, at the USA?s National Naval Aviation Museum.
42 Out and About ? Out of This World
Stu Fone discovers a rich vein of space modelling and much more at East
Midland Modellers? show, in Hinckley.
44 In Focus ? Dark Falcon Takes Off
Aviation photographer Graham Platt provides a superb photo-study of the
Belgian Air Force?s 2018-21 F-16 display aircraft, flown by Snr Capt Stefan
?Vador? Darte.
46 Intermediate Build ? Steel General
Sixteen-year-old Joe Turner makes the most of Takom?s new 1/35 M3 Grant, in
his convincing out-of-the-box project.
54 Intermediate Build ? Lightning Strikes Twice
Jennifer Wright embellishes Airfix?s recently re-released 1/72 Lightning F.6,
with aftermarket from Barracuda Studios.
62 Intermediate Build ? Transatlantic Luxury
Andy Davies departs from his usual warships to portray the majestic Queen
Mary 2 liner, via Revell?s 1/1200 kit. Just don?t mention sun loungers!
68 In Focus ? Monarchic Genesis
Renowned maritime engineer Dr Stephen Payne recounts how his childhood
aspiration became reality, culminating in the Queen Mary 2.

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