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YouCam Makeup- Makeover Studio 5.39.1 Full Unlocked

====== YouCam Makeup Core Features =======
?Try on products from top beauty brands!
?Live Makeup Magic Mirror
?Makeover lips, eyes, brows, teeth and more!
?Style images with accessories, real-time effects and previews.
?Skincare analysis & tracking
?Share to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and your favorite social networks

Makeovers That Create Unique Styles
?Make your eye color shine with smart tools that conceal under eye circles and remove red eyes.
? Mascara tool instantly adds volume & length to lashes.
? Change eye color and overlay makeup to style your look up or down.

?Eyebrow Editor, easily find the best eyebrow style for your face.
?Get the perfect brow just like microblading!

? Lipstick and lip gloss! Choose classic matte color or shine colors depending on your mood.
? Lip Enhancements & Gleaming Teeth; get a natural, confident smile every time.

?Flawless Skin & Face Editor ?
?Selfie editor complete with lipstick, contour, eye makeup & blush that you can shop for.
?Flawless skin is yours with adjustable skin tones and effortless tans.
?Face editor includes skin smoother and skin toner for flawless skin or add freckles.
?Add blush & contour; remove shine for a natural look.

Analyze skin health
? Keep your skin healthy and radiant with our new skincare analysis and Skin Diary from YouCam Makeup!
? Analyze the health of your skin in seconds with the new YouCam Makeup skincare analysis feature. Wrinkles, spots, acne and dark circles can be analyzed instantly with relative scores thanks to YouCam Makeup.
?Your YouCam Makeup Skincare Diary helps you to keep track of your skin needs and improvements in your skin health over time.

Change Hair style & color
?Try on a hairstyle over any face with super-accurate facial detection.
? Dye your own hair - color hair any way you want!
? Hairstyle choices and haircuts range from long hair, short hairstyles, curly hair or straight.

3D Accessories - Add a Touch of Style
? Discover hyper realistic accessories with all new 3D makeovers.
?Get a realistic new look with 3D accessories including hats, hairbands glasses and more


Latest Update
- Optimize user experience
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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