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BDM?s Coding User Guides - Raspberry Pi ? The Beginners' Guide torrent

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BDM?s Coding User Guides - Raspberry Pi ? The Beginners' Guide | torrent letöltés súgó
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Könyv címe: Raspberry Pi ? The Beginners' Guide
Kiadás dátuma: 2018
Formátum: pdf - (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalak száma: 196


Premium Special Edition. Over 190 pages of high quality content. The only Raspberry Pi Beginners' guide you will ever need. 100% Independent.

With a Raspberry Pi you can learn to code, build your own web server, create interesting and amazing projects and even build a robot. This book will help you through the entire Raspberry Pi experience, from buying your first RPi to getting it up and running and beyond.

We look at how the Raspberry Pi works and guide you through the inner workings of the operating system. We also take a look at the FUZE Project, an amazing learning environment that utilises the versatility of a Raspberry Pi and presents it in a unique and retro inspired keyboard case.

You can learn how to start coding, using FUZE BASIC, Scratch and Python and how to use the breadboard for electronics projects. If you?re stuck for project ideas, we?ll guide you through some examples for you to try out and ultimately improve.

If you want to know everything about your Pi, then Raspberry Pi ? The Beginners? Guide is the perfect book for you. All that?s needed is a little work and ample imagination.

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