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[i] Cloverfield Megjelenés éve:2008
Rendező:Matt Reeves
Szereplők:Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel
Hossz:70 perc
Címkék:akció, horror, sci-fi, thriller
IMDb értékelés:7.0
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Egyéb link: link:

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? The Making of Cloverfield (HD, 28 minutes)
This dry featurette is the first ina collection of peices that explore the production of 'Cloverfield.' Focusing on the cast and crew, producer J.J. Abrams, and the extensive sets and locations used in the film, this one uses interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to deliver a fairly standard EPK.

? Cloverfield Visual Effects (HD, 23 minutes)
This second featurette gives a complete overview of the Cloverfield beastie, the CG-enhanced destruction of New York, the creature?s miniature spawn, and the effects used to highlight the feel of the handheld camera. I appreciated all of the information in this peice, but I particularly enjoyed that it showed the cast and crew working to make the effects more realistic through their performances.

? I Saw It! It?s Alive! It?s Huge! (HD, 6 minutes)
This all-too-brief featurette focuses on the design of the Cloverfield monster, its history as a character, and its on-screen biology and motivations.

? Deleted Scenes (HD, 3 minutes)
Presented with optional director?s commentary, the four bland cuts featured in this collection wouldn?t have added much to the final film.

? Alternate Endings (HD, 5 minutes)
The deleted scenes may be a bust, but the two alternate endings are a blast. They?ll certainly give fans something to debate until the inevitable sequel makes its way to theaters. Like the regular cuts, the alternate endings are also presented with optional director?s commentary.

? Clover Fun (HD, 4 minutes)
A decent series of outtakes.

? Military Cast
Head over to the audio menu, highlight the Spanish option, and press right two times to find a helicopter icon. Click on this button to watch the film?s cast members have some fun.
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