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Könyv címe: CODE
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 július-augusztus
Formátum: pdf - (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalak száma: 76


Act 1: Into the Great Unknown
Rod tells us about the complexities of a legacy code conversion project.
JavaScript Corner: Try Catch
John elaborates on a useful preventative in JavaScript.
Identify Voices with Microsoft Cognitive Services
In this next installment of his exploration into artificial intelligence, Sahil explores Microsoft Cognitive Services? ability to recognize voices from a thirty-second sample.
What?s New in ASP.NET Core 2.1
Daniel takes you on a tour of the new features in the new release of ASP.NET. He thinks you?ll find it exciting, especially regarding its SignalR capabilities.
Introducing .NET Core 2.1 Flagship Types: Span T and Memory T
If you?re looking to improve your app?s performance, you?re probably already cross-platform and open source, and you already know that .NET Core is a great tool for that goal....
Build Real-time Applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR
You may have already heard about SignalR and that the new version makes it easier to build fast Web apps and provide great user experiences. Anthony explores this tool and sho...
Entity Framework Core 2.1: Heck Yes, It?s Production Ready!
With this release, EF Core has really matured. Julie takes you on a tour and points out some of the highlights of this labor-simplifying tool.
Learn Python with Visual Studio
Python has long been the favorite language of open-source developers. Nicola shows Windows and iOS developers how to take advantage of Python?s many qualities using Visual Studio.
Prepare Visual Basic for Conversion to C#
There?s nothing wrong with coding in VB, but to stay contemporary, you need to get coding in C#. Paul shows you how to convert legacy VB files to C# without re-inventing the wheel.
On Bets
Ted discusses the general impossibility of having all the information at the onset of a project--or a decision.

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