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Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 + Serial [TrT-TcT] torrent

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Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 + Serial [TrT-TcT] | torrent letöltés súgó
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FileSize : 10 Mb
Language : English
Crack inf: Serial
(Updated 17/1/2011)
[Software INFO:]
Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 Multilingual Incl Serial

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is an industry leading system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for enthusiasts PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology.This is a special one for us because it marks the first stable release of EVEREST since the engine that operates under the hood has reached complete support for more than a 100,000 unique hardware devices. Be sure to give it a try today and here's to another 100,000!

Unique features

* Low-level hardware information: 47 pages
* Software and operating system information: 45 pages
* Security related information: 6 pages
* DirectX information including Direct3D eleration features
* Diagnostics module that simplifies troubleshooting
* Tweaking features
* 10 benchmark modules to measure CPU, FPU and memory performance
* Benchmark reference results to compare measured performance to other systems
* Cache & Memory Benchmark Suite
* Hard disk, optical drive and flash drive benchmarking with RAID array support
* UpTime and DownTime statistics with critical errors counter
* Monitor Diagnostics to check the capabilities of CRT and LCD displays
* System Stability Test with thermal monitoring to stress CPU, FPU, memory, caches and disks
* Hardware Monitoring to monitor system temperatures and voltages on the System Tray, OSD, Vista Sidebar or Logitech keyboard LCD
* Temperature, voltage and fan RPM data logging to HTML and CSV log files
* Overheating, voltage drop, overvoltage and cooling fan failure detection New!
* High Definition Audio and OpenAL sound card details New!
* AMD Stream and nVIDIA CUDA GPGPU device information New!
* Web links: IT portals, software and driver download
* Manufacturer links: product information, driver and BIOS download
* Hardware information database for over 104.000 devices
* Overclock information
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