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Model Collector 2018 - 01. | torrent letöltés súgó
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Könyv címe: Model Collector 2018 - 01.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 84

-16 New Releases
Honest, unbiased reviews of models
to suit all tastes and budgets
-34 News
Latest announcements and your chance to
influence one particular 1:43 scale model
manufacturer?s future release programme
-37 WIN unique emmy prototypes
Your chance to add super AFM Type 50s
to your motorsport model display
-39 WIN great Britains? bundles
Superb prize packages to be bagged
-42 Desert Island Diecast
Two more volunteer castaways reveal
their top take five choices
-46 Britain flies the flag
The glory story of the 1956-1958
Grand Prix years and how they can
be celebrated in 1:43 scale
-52 Square cabbed ERFs
The Matchbox originals revisted and the
copycat models they inspired explored
-62 Altaya?s 1:18 rally cars
Pace notes on this big value
Continental part work series
-66 Pretty in pink...
But just how accurate are the 1:43 scale
Cresta PAs from Vanguards (saloon)
and Oxford Diecast (Friary Estate)?
-68 Wheel improvements
An exciting new way to easily turn
cheap toys into credible display models
-72 Auction news
We report back on the models making
money in the salesrooms and on eBay
-74 Your letters
Views aired and information shared
-16New Releases The latest issues,
all reviewed and rated so that
you know the score
-39WIN great Britains?
Super 1:32 tractor
and trailer prizes up
for grabs
-14 | january 2018
-34 News
gift ideas and your
chance to influence
one particular 1:43
model manufacturer?s
future release
-80 Swapmeets/
Events Diary
Find out what?s on where, and when
-81 Signing Off
Stephen Paul Hardy sounds off
about the manufacturers who fail to
do their homework properly and the
dilemma of gaps vs compromise

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