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Könyv címe: Model Collector 2018 - 02.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 84

-16 New Releases
The latest issues, all honestly and
unbiasedly reviewed and rated so that
you know the score
-25 Corgi 2018
A five page photo special, featuring
all of the models in Corgi?s 2018
Spring/Summer line up
-31 WIN a 1:50 ?Ailsa Edition? Volvo
Don?t miss your chance to acquire
this splendidly detailed Search Impex
stunner in our EXCLUSIVE prize draw
-32 News
The exciting forthcoming model
announcements and not to be missed
new arrivals
-34 Desert Island Diecast
Kevin Brock contemplates swapping life
on the Isle of Wight for a much more
remote and tropical isle and ponders
his take five choices
-36 Saab?s lasting legacy
Steve Coles draws four must-have
models for any serious automotive
history themed collection to our attention
-44 Waldegaard winners
Chill out and enjoy Stephen Paul Hardy?s
exploration of some seriously cool
1:18 scale Porsche 911S Monte Carlo
rally models from Spark
-48 A Kleer Vue of 1950s?
cutting edge design
Nigel Robertshaw looks back at ERF?s
Kleer Vue cab and the colourful array
of both well known and more obscure
toys and models that can be
sourced for our display cabinets
-56 Fill her up, please
Top up your knowledge of Dinky?s classic
tankers with David Busfield?s fascinating
and nostalgic review
16N ew Releases The
latest issues, all
reviewed and rated so
that you know the score
- -14 | february 2018
-25 Corgi 2018
A five page
pre-production preview
of the Corgi?s Sping/
Summer line up
-64 Same car, different model
Robert Malpas compares a variety
of Matchbox-sized French favourites
from the 1970s? and 80s
-70 Auction news
We report back on the models making
money in the salesrooms and online
-72 Your letters
Views aired, information shared and
some first rate projects showcased
--77 Swapmeet/events diary
Find out what?s on where, and when
81 Signing Off
Why one size doesn?t fit all: the
positive aspects of Asperger?s
Syndrome in terms of our hobby
-31 WIN a 1:50
?Ailsa Edition? Volvo
An exclusive
opportunity to
acquire this superb
Search Impex stunner!
-32 News
Exciting new and
forthcoming model
not to be missed

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