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Mortimer Beckett And the Book of Gold - Platinum Edition torrent

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Mortimer Beckett And the Book of Gold - Platinum Edition | torrent letöltés súgó
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Mortimer Beckett And the Book of Gold - Platinum Edition
Hidden Object / Adventure / Puzzle game
Episode 5

Ready to solve a gripping mystery? Tackle ingenious riddles in this hidden object puzzle adventure!

Have you heard about the mysterious Book of Gold? A tome of many secrets, it?s already brought an unlikely couple together on a quest to find it - the introverted thinker Mortimer, and the extroverted, spontaneous Kate. But there?s many more twists to come.

? HELP MORTIMER AND KATE ON THEIR QUEST to find the legendary Book of Gold
? SOLVE BRAINTEASING PUZZLES and discover all sorts of challenging riddles
? FIND ALL THE HIDDEN OBJECTS to assemble helpful tools and reveal clues like a true detective
? ENJOY 60 STORY LEVELS and 18 extra challenging timed levels
? EXPLORE 30 LOCATIONS and test your wits in the jungle, the desert, and many more exciting places
? MEET QUIRKY CHARACTERS and make new friends, but beware - not everyone is all that they seem!
? COLLECT ALL THE DIAMONDS and visit auctions to earn artifacts for Mortimer's private collection
? PUZZLE WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY and enjoy solving challenging riddles and finding hidden objects together

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