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Könyv címe: Scale Aircraft Modelling 2018 - 08.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 - 07.
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 100
(Volume 40 Issue 06)

Scale Aircraft Modelling combines the three main aspects of the hobby into one magazine
what to build, why to, build it, and how. We link the widest coverage of new product,
advising you what is available, with in depth reference articles by acknowledged experts and
informative build articles showing how to get the best out of specific kits, and from the hobby in
general. The editorial team take pride in filling the pages with interesting, informative and
relevant material, making best use of space and offering the best possible value for money to the reader


04. Showcase
Imperial Falcon
De Havilland?s Wooden Wanderer
By Andy McCabe
16. ?The time has come,? the
Walrus said?
Airfix 1/48 Shagbat with all the
By Colin ?Flying? Pickett
20. Top Gun Japanese Style
Hasegawa?s F-15 Eagle in 1/48
By Karl Robinson
24. Bringing Up Baby
Scratch Building a 1/72 Sopwith
By Dave Hooper
30. Walkaround
XF-85 Goblin
By Steve Muth
Peregrine Publishing
34. Appliance of Science
Revell?s 1/32 Technic Bomber with
Eduard Upgrades
By Andy McCabe
36. HAL Ajeet Mk1/Gnat F.1
India?s Upgraded Light Fighter in 1/72
By Huw Morgan
40. HMC Guide to Scale
Section Four - On the Wing
By Gary Hatcher
45. Aircraft in Profile
49 Tactical Fighter Wing
By Bob Bowers
Colour Profiles by Mark Rolfe
58. Su-27IB & Su-34
Duck Billed Development
Scratch Conversion
By Ken Duffey
64. Colour Conundrum
US Equivalent Colours for the RAF
Part Two
By Paul Lucas
With Artwork by Mark Rolfe
68. Full Metal Jacket
Junkers D1 Metal Monoplane
by Gordon Scott
70. The Beast
Scaling Down Helldiver
by Huw Morgan
72. Things in Pieces
The History and Development of the
Plastic Kit
Part Six
by T. Pask
90 The Forgotten Fighter of
the Forgotten War
The RAF?s Mohawk - Modelling and
by Tim Skeet

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