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Könyv címe: Scale Modelling Special 2018 - 08.
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 - 08.
Formátum: PDF (OCR)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 100


Airfix Model World?s latest Scale Modelling bookazine takes a close look at dioramas,
and is packed with hints and tips on how to make realistic surroundings, plan a scene,
and create landscapes and buildings from scratch.


6 Introduction
Toni Canfora offers
a perspective on the
joys and challenges of
building dioramas.
10 Buildings and
Road ? Caution!
A pair of AFV Club?s Dodge
WC 51s are at the centre
of this late-war scene,
fulfilling a lifelong desire
by Johan Augustsson to
field two of the same
vehicle in a diorama.
20 Snow and
Ice ? Caught
Red Handed
Dave Oliver combines
wargaming-scale machines
and figures into a futuristic
winter scene, offering hints
and tips as to how snow and
ice can best be replicated.
32 Normandy
Recovery ?
Wrong Side of
the Tracks
Dioramas are all about
telling a story; Kev Smith
shows how to recreate a
typical vehicle recovery
operation in northern
France, shortly after D-Day.
40 Roads and
Rubble ?
Man Down!
It?s not just larger scales that
provide suitable settings,
as demonstrated here with
a 1/72 late-war Italian town
scene by Toni Canfora.
50 Road, Rail and
Water ? Busted!
Building on a previous project
for Airfix Model World,
Johan Augustsson places
Revell?s Henschel truck amid
a busy dock-loading scene,
where trouble is afoot.
58 Trees and
Height ?
Kev Smith explains how height
can be an important factor
in a diorama, and add an
extra dimension to the scene,
especially when storage
space is at a premium.
66 Overgrown
Grass ? The
Swallow?s Nest
Photos provide ample
inspiration for subjects, as
Toni Canfora found when
studying references on
JV 44, the source of this
abandoned Me 262.
74 Deserts ?
Getting the
Depictions don?t always
require personnel on
vehicles; here Johan
Augustsson uses Bronco?s
Telemeter to provide a
suitable backdrop to an
Arab tribesman and his
recalcitrant camel.
82 Inspirations
? Liquid
Dave Oliver gains inspiration
from Sheperd Paine?s
diorama guides and
incorporates the most
important lessons into
his stunning celebrating
Soviet soldiers panorama.

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