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The Artist Magazines Full Year Issues Collection 2017
angol | 13 Issue | PDF | 289 MB

The Artist
Written by artists for artists!
Providing committed painters, both experienced amateurs and professionals, with art projects and practical painting and drawing exercises designed to improve painting technique. Plus practical guidance and product reports on the technical aspects and use of art materials. Each issue is packed with inspiring practical features, covering all art media, by artists such as Judi Whitton, Glyn Macey, Tom Robb, Soraya French, Liz Seward and many more. Artist profiles, masterclasses and interviews provide a revealing insight into the working methods of leading professional artists.

Masterclass with David Bammeld, winner of The Artist Award in the Pastel Society 2017 annual exhibition
In Conversation - Daisy Sims Hilditch talks to Susie Hodge about her traditional approach to portraiture
Julian Halsby reviews the Modigliani exhibition at Tate Modern
How do I approach a gallery? Mark David Hatwood offers his advice
Charles Williams muses on self esteem
Practical painting and drawing:
Hazel Soan explains how to see and interpret tone in the first of a new watercolour series
Techniques for mixed-media and collage with Peter Monaghan
Judi Whitton shows how greys can be exciting
Follow Martin Aveling's pastel pencil demonstration of a mountain gorilla
Iain Gardiner demonstrates a large, realistic self-portrait in oils
Tips on colours and techniques for painting horses with Ruth Buchanan
Sarah Manolescue describes a typical plein-air painting of a street scene
In her series on anatomy for the artist, Adele Wagstaff takes a look hands and arms
Patrick Cullen offers tips for using pastels as he paints an orchard scene
How to achieve spontaneity in your acrylic paintings with Paul Gadenne
Kevin Scully shares advice on what to take into account when booking a painting course or holiday
How to make prints without a press with Phil Tyler

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The Art World
Art book reviews

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