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The Guide To Natural Light Portraiture & Retouching with Dani Diamond torrent

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The Guide To Natural Light Portraiture & Retouching with Dani Diamond | torrent letöltés súgó
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This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to achieve stunning portraits using only natural light in almost any condition. Dani Diamond has spent his career as a portrait photographer exploring the nuances of available light and perfecting techniques that allow him to create remarkable images for his clients. In this 75+ video tutorial, Dani take you on a journey through 9 photo shoots to show you his entire process from location selection to post production in Photoshop.

General Overview
? 10+ Hours of Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
? 75+ Videos That Cover Locations, Posing, Gear, Lenses, His Full Process & Post Production
? Intro To Retouching in Photoshop Refresher Course For New Photographers
? 40+ Retouching Videos Covering Start To Finish Processing
? Entry Level Nikon and Canon Cameras Used
? The Battle of The 85mm Lenses From Sigma, Nikon, and Canon
? How To Select The Perfect Location
? Camera Settings For Any Natural Light Setting
? How To Shoot Without Assistants OR ANY MODIFIERS
? Retouching Videos Provided In 2.5k Resolution
? How To Build Your Own Action
? Dani Diamond Custom Action Included (Photoshop Required)
? Working With Complimentary Colors
? Tips On Selecting The Correct Wardrobe
? Building Composition In Your Images
? The Rule Of Thirds In Portraits
? Frequency Separation
? Dodging & Burning
? Perfect Color Grading
? Perfecting The Eyes In Photoshop
? Interview With Dani Diamond
? 10+ RAW Files Included For You To Work With
? Bonus Photo Shoot Using Natural Light Indoors

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