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Könyv címe: The Railway Magazine Guide To Modelling 2018 - 01.
Kiadás dátuma: 2017 - 12.
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Okay, I admit it, I?ve been to see Paddington 2. I was in the company of several five-yearolds, well, that?s my excuse anyway. If you?ve not yet been to see it, it?s worth it just for the screen time given to Tornado. I have to be honest ? I did give a little excited squeak when the close-up of the numberplate bearing 60163 filled the cinema screen and then I sat back to enjoy this magnificent engine take its part in this rather heart-warming story, as it travelled through some glorious scenery.

But, the magnificence of seeing Tornado on the big screen aside, there was a tangential story to Paddington involving the son of the Brown family, which I thought had rather a great message.

Jonathan Brown has been a steam-train fan, but has set aside his model engine and decided to embrace hobbies and appearances that he considers to be much, well, cooler. He ultimately realises the folly of his ways later in the film when he takes to the footplate of Tornado and proudly declares himself to be a lover of steam engines. It was a lovely little moment, as Jonathan realises that he may not have the trendiest or coolest of hobbies, but it?s what he loves and it?s part of who he is.

Yes, it may sound a little trite, but ultimately it doesn?t matter what other people think about your hobby, if you enjoy it then that?s what?s really important. To celebrate this we?ve got a couple of whimsical layouts for you to enjoy this month. Wendsleydale is a cheese-based confection that I came across at Spalding MRC exhibition and I was so taken with the sheer delight in the quirky and the eccentric and the joy of modelling involved that I decided to feature it on page 18.

If, for the new year, you?ve decided to give modelling a try or resurrect it as a hobby then Martin Wicks? feature on buying second-hand locos and stock might help save you some money on page 14.

Meanwhile I look into how taking a walk could make you into a better scenics modeller. Turn to page 26 to find out more!

Wishing all our RMM readers a happy and healthy new year, and we look forward to hearing about more of your modelling experiences and layouts in 2018.

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