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Eredeti release!



- We addressed an issue where the game would lag when placing wall patterns on blocks that were touching roofs.
- The Reset Object cheat is now available to the community again. You could say that we reset it.
- Sims no longer route fail when trying to enter a room on foundation level 1 that doesn?t have a stair. They just step up like a big kid, now.
- Neat Sims are no longer uncomfortable when near a fire place that has assorted upgrades.
- The lid for the GrillWise by GrillMania has been returned.

Get to Work
- The Lice Cold Retail Freezer can now hold harvestables for you to sell.

Cats & Dogs
- Cats and dogs should no longer fill your Sims? queue with interactions. We want the pets to be friendly, but perhaps not that friendly.

Jungle Adventure
- Emotion berries now provide emotions again, which is a berry good thing.

- Thermostats now have their interactions available when placed on Commercial and Vacation lots.
- You can no longer use the Woo interaction with Bee Swarms to, *cough* woohoo with a relative.
- Patchy the Scarecrow will no longer change into a human.
- We addressed an issue where roof decorations on some lots didn?t look appropriate for the Mac.
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