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[i] Címkék:sci-fi, warhammer, space, marine, art

Könyv címe: Visions of War: The Art of Space Marine Battles
Kiadás dátuma: 2014
Formátum: pdf (scan)

Defenders of humanity, scions of the Immortal Emperor, the Space Marines are warriors without peer. In battle, they are devastating, bringing death and destruction to the alien, the traitor and the daemon. Visions of War is a compilation of blistering artwork ripped from the pages of Space Marine Battles.

The sprawling, war-torn vistas in this interactive artbook are presented in gloriously detailed high definition. Unique to the digital artbook, many of the pieces contain interactive elements allowing you to zoom in, pan across, and explore the rich detail of these stunning works. Some of the pieces even contains a stage by stage video, showing how the artist created the work: from blank canvas, to a depiction of the grim darkness of the far future.

Also included are a pair of stories featuring the indomitable Space Marines in battle: The Thrill of the Hunt by Anthony Reynolds and a brand new story, Heloth by L J Goulding.
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