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Various Authors - Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 2 torrent

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Various Authors - Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 2 | torrent letöltés súgó
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Könyv címe: Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 2
Kiadás dátuma: 1991
Formátum: cbr

Író: Michael Gallagher, Mark Gruenwald, Howard Mackie, Renee Witterstaetter, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Gregory Wright, Jim Valentino
Rajzoló: Barry Crain, Rurik Tyler, Keith Wilson, Greg Capullo, Jackson Guice, Jim Valentino
Nyelv: angol

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Tartalom: Impossible Woman asked Impy to take her and the 4,682 children on vacation to Earth. They split up to see the sights, and while Impossible Man annoyed Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and the Punisher, Impossible Woman asked Quasar to help convince her non-shapeshifting child Impia to shapechange. The kids decided to set up a clubhouse in Dr. Doom?s armor; swiftly realizing he couldn?t force them out, Doom employed psychology to convince them to move to a new clubhouse, Iron Man's armor. After Impy annoyed Impossible Woman she called a halt to the holiday and the Impossibles set off to the Skrull world Satriani, to show Empress S?Byll their vacation pictures. Impy realized they had misplaced a child, and returned to Earth seeking him, checking the Microverse and Asgard. Meanwhile Impossible Woman visited the Savage Land, pursuing tales of a green shapeshifter, but found only the stranded Samuel J. Skrull, whom she adopted. They finally found their son playing in a rock band, which inspired the whole family to go on an intergalactic singing tour.
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