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Magazin címe: Custom PC
Kiadás: 2019. június - Issue 189 - UK
Formátum: PDF - OCR
Nyelv: angol
Oldalak száma: 116


Custom PC is the UK?s biggest PC modding and overclocking magazine

Custom PC is the magazine for people who are passionate about PC technology and hardware. Whether you've been building and customising PCs for years or you've just started performance-tuning ready-made systems, all the information you need is now in one place.
Custom PC isn?t just another PC magazine ? it?s the only magazine with enough space to devote whole pages to single product reviews. And we?re not talking boring printers and hum-drum peripherals, but the best performing components - whatever your budget.


It?s Intel vs AMD in this month?s silicon skirmish. We pitch nine of the two
firms? mainstream desktop CPUs against each other to find the best buys,
from the ?130 AMD Ryzen 5 2400G to the ?500 Intel Core i9-9900K. We?re looking at everything from gaming grunt to content creation, while also gauging overclocking headroom and value for money. The CPU is the foundation of your PC, and also dictates other components such as the motherboard, so you want to make sure you make the right choice.

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